Is this comic for kids?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Despite the bright colors and talking stuffed animals, It has major themes of religion and death, and a lot of blood, adult humor, and general stuff you shouldn't show to your 8 year old child. The reccomended reader age is 13+, and even that’s a bit of a stretch.

Why are they so brightly colored?
Because of well, several reasons. Firstly, Joey and Harold were designed when I was in the 7th grade, LONG before I had any story planned out for them whatsoever. I dug them up a few months later and saw that they had LOADS of potential and I realized that I still really liked them! So here we are! As for the others, I decided to keep the theme of brightly colored stuffed animals the same with everyone so it didn’t look so out of place with Joey and Harold. And the in universe reason? They’re stuffed toys! Generally speaking they tend to be brightly colored for children :-)

What are the species of the characters?
Joey is a snail/cat hybrid plushie, Melissa is a basic rabbit plushie, and I have no clue what Harold is.